How to handle lost/missing packages.

We're sorry to hear about your lost/stolen package. In these situations we need to legally protect all parties involved, so we require claim information from USPS/UPS in order to proceed. 

UPS Claim Service:
Please call UPS at 1-800-742-5877 or file a claim form online at Please have your tracking number on hand.

USPS Claim Service:
Please call USPS at (800) 275-8777 or file a claim form online at Please have your tracking number on hand. Please note, if you chose USPS First Class, you will need to file a Lost Mail Search at

If your courier is not able to locate your package

For UPS, please give us the tracking number which acts as your claim number.

For USPS packages, please forward us your claim information email which includes your claim number and official lost status of your package.


Once we verify the claim number, we will then ship your order back out to you.



Tip #1: USPS couriers have GPS chips in their package scanners. Oftentimes you can visit your local USPS branch and ask them to locate where the package was dropped off at using Google Maps. Sometimes you will find your package was delivered to a neighbor on accident.


Tip #2: Don't file a claim for a refund of shipping cost. They will deny your claim because you are not the shipper.


Tip #3: Mail fraud is a felony. While 99% of people are truthful, we take these steps to ensure the 1% doesn't take away your rights to buying from Kraken Kratom.


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