How do I earn and use Rewards Points?

Rewards Points are earned by placing orders on our website. In November 2022, we revamped our Rewards Points system with a new system, which changes how Rewards Points are claimed and used on orders. 

  1. Rewards Points will now expire after one calendar year instead of after 90 days, giving customers who order infrequently a better chance to use their points.
  2. Rewards Points are now claimed in batches of 100 on the Rewards Points page. Claiming Rewards Points will give you a coupon code that you can use to save a flat amount off at checkout, meaning you can place a small order for yourself entirely with Rewards Points!
  3. There are many new ways to earn Rewards Points compared to the old system, including a free 100 points on your birthday and interacting with us on social media!

This new system gives us the option to add more ways to save, and additional rewards or bonuses that are exclusive to Rewards Points.

Please do note that you cannot use a Rewards Points coupon code alongside another coupon code. Since you can only use one coupon code per order, you'll want to be sure to use whatever coupon code you have that gives you the most off for your order!


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