How do I redeem my Rewards Points?

Redeeming your earned Rewards Points is easy! To get started, simply navigate to our Customer Rewards page. Once on this page, scroll down and click on the green "Redeem Now" button, or scroll down further and pick out what option you'd like from a selection of options with a green "Redeem" button under them.

Once your points have been redeemed, you'll be given a coupon code. You can enter this like any other coupon code from the My Cart page. Please note that you can only use one coupon code per order, so you cannot combine multiple Rewards Points codes or promotional codes on a single order.

If you ever redeem a code and want to hold onto it, you can! You can view old codes (both used and unused) on the same page. Simply click on the green "Rewards History" button near the beginning of the Customer Rewards section to view and easily copy these codes.


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