Do you offer Cash On Delivery (COD) as a method of payment?

What is COD?
Collect on Delivery (COD) is a payment method for your order. It involves exchanging a money order or cashiers check for your total amount due with your delivery driver, in exchange for your package.


Yes we do!

How do I order COD?
In order to order via COD, your grand total after coupons and discounts will need to be a minimum of $75. In the shipping methods section of checkout, you'll need to select any UPS shipping method. Below this is a checkbox for CODs. Make sure to check off this box! It will then bypass the payments section and allow you to checkout.


What happens next?
You'll receive an order confirmation with your total amount due. Note that the $12.50 COD fee has been waived. Please make a money order or cashiers check for the amount due, and make it out to KRKN. You'll receive a tracking number shortly after it ships out - please make sure that you are home when this package is delivered. When the delivery driver is at your door, you'll exchange your money order for your package.


Why am I paying shipping? I thought you said COD is free?
Please note that we do not charge you for the COD. Collect on Delivery (COD) is not a method of shipping, it is a payment service. CODs come with a $12.50 fee which we pay 100% of as a courtesy to our customers. You still need to pay for the shipping, which is why after selecting a COD, you are prompted to select your shipping method.


Why can't I see the COD option?
-Make sure you've entered a non PO Box shipping address
-Your order minimum after coupons needs to be at least $75
-The COD option is in the "shipping methods" of checkout
-You must select UPS as your shipping courier
-If all the above is true and you cannot find the COD checkbox, you may need to checkout as a guest, or use clear your cache and refresh the browser.


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