I’m having issues with ACH or eChecks. What’s going on?

 The most common issue with ACH/eChecks are listed below:

  1. You recently placed an eCheck order with us. Our safeguards ensure your eCheck has been successfully cleared before you can place a new one. For this reason, you may only place one eCheck order per 5 days. 
  2. Your grand total is too high. If you're a new customer or have not used this payment method extensively, your maximum transaction limit is $200. After 6 weeks of good order history, the maximum moves to $600.
  3. You have previously bounced eChecks. If your check was bounced or returned for NSF, or invalid billing information, our system will flag future eCheck orders until the returned checks are paid.
  4. Your billing address, or bank information is invalid. Please remember to use the billing address associated with your bank account. Do not use any special characters or spaces in your checking/routing number fields.
  5. Your bank is refusing the eCheck. Some banks may not be compatible with electronic checks. Please contact your bank for further assistance in this matter.
  6. You've entered a savings account number. Electronic checks must be done with your regular checking account - savings accounts and other specialty accounts are not compatible.

It's also a good idea to clear your cache within your browser if the above issues are persisting. Please contact us if you're continuing to have these issues, and our support team will reply back promptly.


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